Leading Dental Implant Treatments in Essex

For over a decade, Al-Fa Perio has carried out dental implant treatments for those living in and travelling to Essex. Our implant dentistry continues to provide confident, long-lasting smiles to new and existing patients.

We continue to serve existing and new patients across Essex, including Chelmsford, Romford, Braintree and Brentwood. Find out more here.

Our highly-trained team of dental specialists will ensure that your mouth is healthy for the dental implant treatment you choose. How successful are dental implants?

We design our dental implant treatment based on your needs and budget. We take great pride in giving a confident, natural-looking smile that our patients want. Contact us for further questions about dental implants or if you’d like to book a consultation.

Implant Dentistry

Replace missing, decayed or chipped teeth with our Dental Implants.

  • A Crown: A dependable, natural-looking and durable solution for a missing tooth.
  • A Bridge: A bridge is a dental implant treatment that can hold multiple teeth in between, enhancing your smile.
  • A Denture: Dentures looks and feel amazing whilst replacing a whole row of teeth.

Post-Implant Treatment Care

We take great care with our dental implant to ensure the treatment is a success. Find out more.

  • Our dental implant treatments are designed with an implantologist. This ensures that the jawbone and gums are prepared and suitable for treatment.
  • We use a unique diagnosis and treatment planning protocols to give us the best possible outcome.

Digital Impression Scanning

The latest technology gives us a Digital Impression used to design your, confident & perfect smile.

  • The TRIOS® 3 scanner enables us to provide a 3D digital impression of your whole mouth.
  • It gives us an invaluable insight into the health of your mouth and how we design your dental implant treatment.

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