Benefits of Laser Periodontal Treatment

There are multiple uses of Lasers in periodontology. We have had much success in the treatment of deep gum pockets and bone deterioration.

However, apart from the fact that there is less discomfort and better management of the conditions, the most important advantage is that it is a non-surgical approach.

Laser Bone Regeneration

Laser therapy has paved the way forward for bone regeneration.

We have found that in about 85% of cases, when treating infra-bony defects with the laser non-surgically, that we have been able to eliminate the deep pockets instead of needing to carry out regenerative / bone grafting surgery, and we have been finding that bone has been spontaneously regenerating!

Case Studies

We have various cases that portray the level of detail and depth that goes into each treatment plan to ensure a successful result.

They also help our patients to understand the various types of conditions that can be treated and managed.

At Al-FaPerio Clinic, our periodontists in Essex treat a number of patients for gum and bone issues.

Our Articles

Our Specialist Periodontists have spent many years supporting the dental profession through their training, knowledge and teaching via articles in various dental publications.

They have now become opinion leaders in the field of Periodontology and are regularly consulted on numerous cases.

Why Choose Us

We are a multi-award winning specialist practice that is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of infections of the gums and bone surrounding the teeth.

Amongst the innovations, we apply cutting edge advanced laser technologies and surgical microscopes to allow us to see accurate detail and correct the conditions.


Periodontics is a rapidly expanding field, both in the more established discipline of helping patients retain their teeth for longer, but also in ever more developing avenues, such as crown lengthening, cosmetic and perio-plastic surgery.

The ideas that loose teeth cannot be saved or that nothing can be done about periodontal diseases once it starts, is old hat, and the earlier you refer, the more can be done to raise patient awareness and save teeth! Your patients will thank you for it!

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