Laser Gum Treatment

We providing leading periodontal care and treatments that have clinically proven to be extremely successful.

Our laser gum periodontal treatments have treated a variety of gum and bone conditions without invasive surgery.

Our treatments are developed by Dr. Rana Alfalaki. She leads a team of specialists who are leaders in periodontal treatments.

Receding Gums

Our leading periodontal treatments use innovative techniques that restore the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth.

We design each treatment based on you and use the latest technology to ensure that gum recession ceases.

Our innovative laser bone regeneration treatments have helped improve the oral health of our patients. Find out more.


Al-Fa Perio is a multi-award winning periodontal specialist clinic, with treatments overseen by Dr Rana Al-Falaki.

We’re committed to providing dependable treatment for new and existing patients that have Peri-Implantitis.

Our London periodontal clinic can design and carry out periodontal treatment without the need for surgery.Contact us today for more information.

Bad Breath Clinic

Al-Fa Perio is here to provide dependant and effective treatments to patients who have bad breath or ‘halitosis’.

Our unique bad breath clinic is dedicated to providing comfortable treatment to patients with halitosis.

If you have any cause or concerns about bad breath or halitosis, contact us on 02085060701 and we can help you today.

Patient Information

Al-Fa Perio is a leading UK periodontal clinic based in London. We’re dedicated in treating and preventing gum disease.

80% of the UK population has a form of periodontal disease. You can learn more about periodontal disease and how it can be caused.

Our leading team of specialists are here to prevent gum disease from causing tooth loss. Contact us for more information.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety and phobias are common with our patients, but Al-Fa Perio is committed to providing comfortable treatment.

We offer non-surgical laser gum treatments & when planning your gum disease treatment, we can fully understand your needs.

We’re constantly striving to use the latest technology to ensure that our treatments are comforting and successful.

Laser Bone Regeneration

An innovative technique, developed by Dr Rana Al-Falaki, encourages bone cells to regenerate in the treated area.

At our Buckhurst Hill, Essex, clinic, we’re able to carry state-of-the-art laser gum treatments that minimises irreversible bone loss.

Our leading periodontal treatments have helped many of our patients. Read more about our previous work.

Before & After

Browse our case studies and see how Al-Fa Perio can potentially improve your oral health through laser gum treatment.

Patients from Chelmsford, Romford and Braintree have visited us at our leading laser gum treatment clinic.

Al-Fa Perio provides comfortable, non-surgical and less evasive laser periodontal treatment. Contact us for more information.

Why Choose Us

Al-Fa Perio is a multi-award winning specialist clinic based in Essex, welcoming new and existing customers from London.

We deploy a range of innovations and use advanced laser technologies that are capable of exceptional results for our treatments.

We’re dedicated to the treatment and prevention of infections of the gums and bone surrounding the teeth.