At Al-Fa Perio, we’re the UK’s leading periodontal clinic that offers laser gum treatment for our periodontal treatments. We believe in creating a strong & healthy oral foundation and our laser gum treatment enables us to do so.

Gum disease is highly common in the UK, with up to nine in every 10 people having some form of gum disease. At our periodontal clinic, our team of specialists are able to diagnose, plan and offer dependable, effective and long-lasting treatment.

Whether you have receding gums, bad breath or a form of gum disease, our periodontal clinic in Essex is here to help. We continue to welcome new patients in and around the London and Essex area. Visit our clinic today by booking an appointment with us.

Dr Rana Al-Falaki

Dr Rana Al-Falaki is the principal dentist and founder of Al-Fa Perio. She introduced laser gum treatment to the UK.

She is dedicated to laser dentistry and has been a registered periodontal specialist for 15 years. Dr Falaki has published articles and research that focuses on periodontology and Peri-Implantitis.

For several years, Dr Rana Al-Falaki has provided research and lectures that further explore the advancements of laser gum treatment and therapy.

Dr Ali Daftari

Dr Ali Daftari is a specialist in periodontics and has a special interest in the regeneration of tissues of the periodontium.

Dr Daftari is highly experienced in treating the cosmetic aspect of gum issues and restoring their natural appearance.

Dr Ali Daftari continues to carry out research studies into regenerative materials.

He is incredibly talented in surgically correcting gummy smiles and treating patients with gum recession.

Meet The Team

We have a committed team of specialists, dental hygienists and care & support nurses for your treatment.

We all take great pride in providing dedicated treatments that help improves your oral health.

Our highly-trained team understands the importance of oral health and offer treatments for you. Meet our periodontist London team.

Leading Periodontal Articles

Al-Fa Perio is the UK’s leading periodontal clinic and has a team of highly-respected periodontists.

Our publicised articles provide further knowledge and insight into periodontology.

We are leaders in the field of periodontology and continue to consult numerous London clinics.

Gum Disease Case Studies

At our periodontal clinic, we use unique laser gum treatments that help restore receding gums.

Our specialists can understand, diagnose, plan and carry out your treatment at our London clinic.

We have achieved fantastic results for our London and Essex patients because of our treatments.

The Periodontal Specialists

Our dedicated team of periodontist London specialists provide innovative treatment for gum disease.

We have a highly experienced team that’s committed to providing dependable treatment.

With Al-Fa Perio, you can be assured that you’ll be in safe hands at our periodontal clinic.

Best Periodontal Practice

Our leading periodontal clinic continues to get recognised as the best periodontal practice.

We offer innovative laser gum regeneration treatments and gum disease prevention therapy.

We’re honoured to be awarded and recognised as a leading periodontist London clinic.


Periodontal Testimonials

As London’s leading periodontal clinic, we take great pride in carrying out our laser gum treatments.

We offer treatments from gum disease to restoring your gums. Al-Fa Perio is an innovative, leading periodontist.

Our clinic has treated countless patients with various forms of gum disease and we’ll continue to do so for the future.