The Specialists

Al-Fa Perio is a specialist periodontal and implant practice. Our team of specialists uses cutting edge technology and innovative techniques to give every patient the best possible results to ensure long lasting, cost-effective and comfortable dentistry. They have also collated numerous accolades, knowledge and skill in their respective fields.

Meet The team

Our team of highly skilled specialists, dental hygienists, care and support nurses are completely dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcomes for all our patients. They have been intensely trained to facilitate the efficient and effective outcomes for each treatment process. They work collaboratively producing a dynamic group of highly focused individuals.

Why Choose Us

We are a multi-award winning specialist practice that is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of infections of the gums and bone surrounding the teeth. We use evidence based proven clinical studies to treatment plan for all our patients. Amongst the innovations we also apply the most cutting edge advanced laser technologies and surgical microscopes to allow us to see accurate detail and correct the conditions.

Our Articles

Our Specialist Periodontists have spent many years supporting the dental profession through their training, knowledge and teaching via articles in various dental publications. They have now become opinion leaders in the field of Periodontology and are regularly consulted on numerous cases.

Case Studies

We have various cases that portray the level of detail and depth that goes into each treatment plan to ensure a successful result. They also help our patients to understand the various types of conditions that can be treated and managed.

Best Periodontal Practice 2018

Best Periodontal Practice 2018

Al-FaPerio Clinic is a private dental practice specialising in the management of gum disease, gum reconstruction, bone regeneration and tooth replacements with dental implants.

Al-FaPerio Clinic has been established since 2004 and specialises in periodontal treatments.