Gum Recession Treatments Available at Al-Fa Perio

At our periodontal clinic in London, we’ve been providing gum recession/receeding gum treatments since 2004. Gum recession can be caused by excessive tooth brushing and gum disease.

Gum recession can increase sensitivity along the gums and allow bacterial plaque to build up on exposed teeth. This can cause a further recession and gum disease.

Al-Fa Perio offers gum reconstructions, gingival re-contouring and gingival grafting that can treat gum recession. Contact us on 0208 506 0701 for more information on our leading London gum disease and gum recession treatments.

“We understand the importance of having healthy, functioning gums which is why our treatments are designed to build a healthy, oral foundation.

Depending on our assessment of your gums, we can offer gum reconstructions, gingival re-contouring and grafting that can restore your gums health and appearance.” Dr Rana Al-Falaki

The Benefits of Gum Recession Treatment

  • Treatment will bring receeding gums to a halt.
  • We can reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Will protect tooth roots from any root decay.
  • We can improve the appearance of your gums.
  • Gums will look healthy and protect your teeth.
  • No risk of damaging gum disease.

What is Gum Recession?

Gum recession causes the gums to recede and expose teeth and its roots.

Also called “receding gums, by receding from the tooth surface, it can give the appearance of long, teeth, leaving them exposed to dental issues.

Further gum recession can cause increased sensitivity, tooth mobility and gum disease. Our London periodontist clinic is here to help.

Gum Recession Treatments

Our specialists will assess your gums before offering a treatment right for you.

  • Gingival Grafting involves removing tissue and grafting it onto the area of recession.
  • Gingival Re-Contouring involves altering the shape of gums with laser treatments.

We offer leading gum recession treatments that can improve your gums' health and appearance.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is extremely common in the UK, with 9 in 10 people having some form of it.

If left untreated, gum disease can gradually destroy bone and tissues that support your teeth. This can cause serious dental oral issues.

Al-Fa Perio is a leading periodontist London clinic that offers specialist laser gum treatment for gum disease.

Cosmetic Gum Assessment

Our gum assessment focuses on the appearance of your gums and how to improve them.

A periodontal specialist will assess your gums and oral health during this process. We can recommend the right treatment plan for you.

Our periodontist London clinic is home to a team of specialists who can promote gum growth and regeneration today.

Leading Periodontal Clinic

Al-Fa Perio is a multi-award winning periodontal specialist practice that focuses on gums.

Our innovative laser gum treatments and gingival grafting stops and prevents gum disease and reduce the appearance of receeding gums. We're here to help you today.

We’re the UK’s leading periodontal clinic and offer a range of gum disease treatments. Our laser gum treatment achieves fantastic results.

Cosmetic Gum Procedures

We offer a range of long-lasting cosmetic gum procedures that can improve your appearance.

With our cosmetic gum assessment, our specialists can design an ideal gum treatment. Browse our cosmetic gum procedures.

Our gum consultations give us the opportunity to understand your goals, needs and budgets right at our periodontist London clinic.